My Baby Rides The Morning Milk Train

Catching the early morning milk train from Kroonstad to Joburg was always a great and exciting event for me and my school mates, Locker, Richards and Leibowitz! The pungent aroma of refried soot combined with the stench of those green, urine soaked “bokdrolle” in each compartment set the stage for the breathtaking trip that was to follow! This, my friends, was the real Garden Route!

Watching those toothless warriors battling with the luggage on those odd shaped “bagasie wa’s” always brought a smile to my face. A well thrown “naartjie” right to the face would set one in good stead for the trip.

Entertainment during the trip was easily come by as much of the journey would be taken up with the throwing of fruit peels, old sandwiches and the aforementioned “bokdrolle” at any unlucky “tsotsie” that happened to be standing by the trackside. Life was a gas!

The highlight of the all too short excursion into “Joeys” was the extended stop in Germiston, the “Balmoral” of the East Rand! Platform seven was the desired disembarkation point and the race was on to quickly obtain a hard old ham and cheese “samie” and a “gemmer bier” voordat die vokken trein verlaat!!!!!

We finally arrive in Joburg and make a beeline for “Magnet music Supply” hoping to catch a glimpse of Hymie, Rubber, Bez or Tommie! Miss those old bastards!

Where have we all gone?